POSH KIDS- Easy 4th of July decorations

It summer and we know the kids want and need to do something. Why not make planning and getting ready for your family or neighborhood party a family affair?!

These simple red, white and blue paper chains are the perfect family craft project.

Here’s what you will need:


Kids craft scissors (for more fun the scalloped scissors or anyones with a decorative cut enhances the look)

Red construction or cardstock paper

Blue construction or cardstock paper

White construction or cardstock paper

Glue dots or photo mounting squares


Step 1: Go to your nearest craft store and/ or craft closet and find your cardstock. For the best deal purchase 12 x12 Hobby Lobby and Michales frequently put these papers on sale. So keep your eyes open for an even better deal!


Step 2: Start to cut the strips at least an inch thick until you have the desired number of strips cut. This where the kids can start helping to cut, make sure you are guiding them in this process.

Step 3: Once all of your paper is cut assembly time begins

Step 4: Secure your first strip by connecting the ends by overlapping them with the glue dot. Repeat, repeat, repeat!


Once you have made your chain your desired length it can be used as garland, a back drop, hung from the ceiling the possibilities are endless.

Hope you enjoyed this simple idea.


POSH Recipes- Summer Cocktail for the 4th of July!

Summer is officially here as we ALL know. With the 4th of July quickly approaching easy recipes for cocktails is a must. We saw this little nugget from Smirnoff and it’s exactly the right amount of refreshing and yummyness.

Before you start playing bartender make sure you have a great beverage dispenser. I suggest you invest in one with a built in stand, here’s a few of my favorites.




This honeycomb inspired design is a great all around great dispenser



This double dispenser is a great option for the host who loves to have options

Pottery Barn


Okay you get the point a great dispenser is a way to elevate how your present your amazing drink concoction.

Go forth pour, sip and enjoy!


Last minute graduation party centerpiece!!!!

Yes…..it’s definitely graduation time….you can STOP and BREATHE just for a second.

You’ve thought all about the food, cake, balloons but what about the centerpieces? Oh you haven’t thought about those at all. Well now you don’t have too.

This super cute idea is perfect for any graduation party, kindergarten to college. 

What you will need:


Card stock

Paper cutter/ craft scissors

Photo mounting squares

Small vase

Color coordinating Ribbon

Candy of your choice (sixlets, jellybeans, etc) or even pebbles for the vase

10″ wooden dowels (in the wood craft aisle) or paper straws

Hot Glue Gun


Step 1) Find photos of the graduate. My suggestion would have photos from baby to present, the variety will make it more personal.

       Have siblings, family and friends assist you with this. Don’t have your photos printed send them to your local drugstore and they will have them printed in no time.


Step 2) Go to your craft stash or your local craft store (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc) find card stock in your graduates school colors. If you school has more than one color definitely go with both for variety.

       You can average two (5×7) photos on each card stock sheet or three (4×6) 

       * Remember you want each photo to have a border from the card stock at least a 1/2 inch around


Step 3) Either use a paper cutter, cricket or your favorite craft scissors

        You can be as creative as you want to be so you can go with a plain card stock and use a craft scissor with a design or you can go with a shimmer paper and cut straight edges.

       This is the beginning of your creative process, so let loose and start creating. Remember to leave at least an .5 inch for a border around the photo


Step 4) After cutting your card stock to the appropriate size it’s time to mount. Pull out those photo mounting squares.

         You will want to make sure the corners and sides of your photo are firmly adhered to the card stock party. Once making sure they are firmly attached it’s time for jazzing up the vase.

Step 5) Pull out those vases were about to elevate the look. Plug in the hot glue gun you will need it for this step.

         Take the ribbon you have and wrap it around the top or middle area of the vase. Make sure you only use hot glue, why you as well it will peel off later. 

         ** Simple tip burn the edges of your ribbon with a lighter so they won’t fray **

Step 6) Get your wooden dowel or your paper straws (I suggest paper straws automatically adds flair only if you are doing small favors)

         You will use the hot glue gun again. This time center the paper straw to the back of the card stock. You will want to make sure you leave at least 4.5 inches to have to go into the vase.

        Once your stick/ straw is secured time for the best part.

Step 7) Pour the candy of your choice into the vase

        Make sure your candy is color coordinated for the graduates colors. Also make sure the candy you get taste good, you never know who is taking a little taste.

Step 8) Finishing touches

       For a little added pop take some of your leftover ribbon and tie it into a cute bow at the base of the photo. 

       Take your stick and sit it in the candy and WALLA…you are all done!


These centerpieces can be made totally in advance and just adding the the day before or day of. 

Be sure to share this with your crafty, or not so crafty friends and subscribe to our blog.

Until next time STAY POSH!