POSH KIDS- Easy 4th of July decorations

It summer and we know the kids want and need to do something. Why not make planning and getting ready for your family or neighborhood party a family affair?!

These simple red, white and blue paper chains are the perfect family craft project.

Here’s what you will need:


Kids craft scissors (for more fun the scalloped scissors or anyones with a decorative cut enhances the look)

Red construction or cardstock paper

Blue construction or cardstock paper

White construction or cardstock paper

Glue dots or photo mounting squares


Step 1: Go to your nearest craft store and/ or craft closet and find your cardstock. For the best deal purchase 12 x12 Hobby Lobby and Michales frequently put these papers on sale. So keep your eyes open for an even better deal!


Step 2: Start to cut the strips at least an inch thick until you have the desired number of strips cut. This where the kids can start helping to cut, make sure you are guiding them in this process.

Step 3: Once all of your paper is cut assembly time begins

Step 4: Secure your first strip by connecting the ends by overlapping them with the glue dot. Repeat, repeat, repeat!


Once you have made your chain your desired length it can be used as garland, a back drop, hung from the ceiling the possibilities are endless.

Hope you enjoyed this simple idea.


POSH recipes- Super Easy Mojitos!

If you can’t tell I am in really excited about the upcoming 4th of July holiday. So this week I decided to share yummy recipes for refreshing drinks.

We started with an easy punch and now on to one of my favs….Mojitos!


Photo courtesy of The Real Housemoms

While surfing the web this little nugget popped out to us on The Real Housemoms blog. So this variation is a nice twist on a classic.

Before getting started make sure you have all the proper supplies. Don’t have a muddler use the end of a wooden spoon, but you can find a great muddler at your nearby Target, Walmart, Pottern Barn well you get the point.


Moscato Strawberry and Lemon Mojitos are the most refreshing cocktails for summer, and they’ll please any crowd!
Author: Aubrey Cota
Recipe type: Cocktail
Serves: 2
3 large strawberries, chopped
juice of a lemon wedge
5 mint leaves
½ cup white rum
1 cup moscato wine
splash of lemon lime soda
strawberry and lemon slices for garnish
in a large shaker
muddle the strawberries, mint leaves and lemon juice
pour in the rum and moscato
add ice, cover and shake
pour into two ice filled cups and
top with lemon lime soda
garnish with lemon and strawberry slices


Photo courtesy of Nourished Kitchen

POSH Recipes- Summer Cocktail for the 4th of July!

Summer is officially here as we ALL know. With the 4th of July quickly approaching easy recipes for cocktails is a must. We saw this little nugget from Smirnoff and it’s exactly the right amount of refreshing and yummyness.

Before you start playing bartender make sure you have a great beverage dispenser. I suggest you invest in one with a built in stand, here’s a few of my favorites.




This honeycomb inspired design is a great all around great dispenser



This double dispenser is a great option for the host who loves to have options

Pottery Barn


Okay you get the point a great dispenser is a way to elevate how your present your amazing drink concoction.

Go forth pour, sip and enjoy!