About Posh Party Boutique

About Us…


The Posh Party Boutique….it’s all in the name…it’s beyond the name it’s a way of elevating the party experience. We have created couture inspired designs that are original, creative and totally POSH!

We all know someone having a baby, celebrating an engagement or of course bringing in another year with a birthday. For every occasion YOU celebrate, why not do it with a little POSH.

All of our party collections have been created with love, every favor has been crafted to coordinate with our party collections or serve their purpose on their own. We pride ourself in being originators and hope you enjoy The Posh Party Boutique!

Definition of each word should be on the website. Doesn’t need to be exactly as below but needs to be in proper order for the name of the business.


 – sumptuously furnished or appointed; luxurious


noun -
a social gathering, refreshments, entertainment, a group gathered for a special purpose 


noun – a small shop that sells a special selection of merchandise

adjective – characteristic of a small, exclusive business


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