POSH recipes- Super Easy Mojitos!

If you can’t tell I am in really excited about the upcoming 4th of July holiday. So this week I decided to share yummy recipes for refreshing drinks.

We started with an easy punch and now on to one of my favs….Mojitos!


Photo courtesy of The Real Housemoms

While surfing the web this little nugget popped out to us on The Real Housemoms blog. So this variation is a nice twist on a classic.

Before getting started make sure you have all the proper supplies. Don’t have a muddler use the end of a wooden spoon, but you can find a great muddler at your nearby Target, Walmart, Pottern Barn well you get the point.


Moscato Strawberry and Lemon Mojitos are the most refreshing cocktails for summer, and they’ll please any crowd!
Author: Aubrey Cota
Recipe type: Cocktail
Serves: 2
3 large strawberries, chopped
juice of a lemon wedge
5 mint leaves
½ cup white rum
1 cup moscato wine
splash of lemon lime soda
strawberry and lemon slices for garnish
in a large shaker
muddle the strawberries, mint leaves and lemon juice
pour in the rum and moscato
add ice, cover and shake
pour into two ice filled cups and
top with lemon lime soda
garnish with lemon and strawberry slices


Photo courtesy of Nourished Kitchen


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